Buyer Protection

Shop Regifted offers 100% buyer protection on this platform if you follow the guidelines set forth.

What’s Covered

The following issues are covered when bought and shipped through Shop Regifted:

  • Seller fails to ship the item
  • There was undisclosed damage to the item
  • An item is incorrect or missing
  • The item received is not as described
  • The wrong item was received
  • Potentially counterfeit

Your package should be shipped within 3 postal days. If you have not received notification of shipment by the 4th day, please reach out to the seller for an update. If no update, please send email to to have order cancelled.

For both the buyer’s and the seller’s safety, the funds are automatically transferred to an escrow account and held for 12 days after an order is placed. This allows 3 days for seller to ship item to buyer, 3-5 days for package delivery and 3 days for buyer to examine items for accuracy.

**Once the payment has been released to the seller, all sales are final and no refunds will be issued.

What’s Not Covered

The following issues are not covered when bought and shipped through Shop Regifted

  • Buyer’s remorse
  • tems that don’t fit
  • Transactions completed off of Shop Regifted (including but not limited to in person transactions, trades, etc.)
  • Item that was accurately described in the listing

How to Use Buyer Protection

Please send email to, order number and brief description of what you’re inquiring about. Shop Regifted may request additional information or documentation, and reserves the right to deny buyer requests

If the return is approved, we will give the buyer a prepaid and addressed shipping label to return the item to the seller. When the item is returned, we will refund the buyer to the original form of payment. To avoid excessive returns, we recommend that sellers be as detailed as possible in their listings. Take multiple photos and specify all important details in the description.